I have had the privilege to work with wonderful people over the course of my university studies and professional development. Below you will find a few statements from great contacts who have humbled me with letters of recommendation.

Character References

Sitting at Machu Picchu, Peru, 2017 ©

The following two recommendations are viewable on my LinkedIn page:

Julie and I have known each other since 2013 when we joined the Explore Program together at Collège Boréal. Julie has always impressed me with her amazing work ethic, communication and organizational skills. During Explore, she consistently made an effort to speak to everyone in French for the entire duration of the program. After graduating, she then moved to Quebec to further improve her mastery of the French language. Her relentless pursuit of self-improvement and learning was extremely admirable. Furthermore, Julie is an excellent communicator. She can easily explain difficult concepts in plain language and has been a life saver for multiple math assignments. Lastly, Julie often assumes the role of organizing group events due to her strong organizational skills and initiative. She reliably initiates and follows up on plans and has proven time and time again that her word is as good as gold. I wholeheartedly recommend Julie to any future employer. She will be a valuable asset to any team.

Jacqueline On,
Research Assistant at University of Toronto

Julie is a very dedicated and passionate individual. I have known her since 2011, and she has always impressed with her high-level involvement in various student clubs. She is an incredible team player, and has excellent leadership ability. Since our time together at the University of Waterloo, she has gone on to apply her exemplary organizational, communication and interpersonal skills in the field of education. Julie would be an extremely valuable asset for any team or organization.

Galen Chan
Addictions and Mental Health Student at Durham College

Professional Teaching References

Team photo at the Coop booth
Team photo at the RISE 2017 Conference in Toronto, Canada. ©

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Julie Dam. As a teacher candidate, this student is under my guidance as professor of Curriculum Methods: Teaching and Learning at the Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University. In my classroom, Julie consistently demonstrates exceptional professional, interpersonal, and intellectual qualities of a reflective educatorJulie’s commitment to students and students’ learning is clearly evident in all their tasks as a teacher candidate. Julie understands and applies understanding of differentiated instruction and assessment to teaching practice. This student continually looks for opportunities to learn more about the curriculum and teaching practices to further develop her students’ achievement. Each day presents new cha llenges in the classroom and Julie embraces these challenges with enthusiasm. Julie is collaborative, collegial, and professional in the Bachelor of Education program.

Julie sets high academic standards for themself in an effort to refine knowledge and skills related to teaching and learning. Julie demonstrates all the necessary skills to become an exemplary teacher. This student is energetic, enthusiastic, and organized in planning and will be an asset to any staff.

On a more personal level, I got to know Julie through our Biidaaban Community ServiceLearning Project, which, in a volunteer capacity one night a week throughout this busy academic year, has seen this student work directly, in a mentoring capacity with identified at risk youth and Aboriginal students. With direct reference to this very non-traditional teaching experience, sometimes under very extraordinary circumstances, I was able to observe this student unfailingly demonstrate truly exemplary teaching strategies and methods. In short,

Julie has many outstanding qualities, all of which, I believe, will serve to make an outstanding educator. I have sincerely enjoyed working with Julie this year, and recommend without hesitation or reservation

Dr. Glenda L. Black
Assistant Professor, Nipissing University

This letter offers my support for Julie Dam as she applies for a teaching position. Julie spent her first practicum in a grade 7 /8 Extended French class at White Woods Public School. During her time here, she was responsible for teaching Mathematics and French. Julie built a solid rapport with her students. She worked hard to make her lessons engaging for the students, and used technology to create and implement her lessons. Julie was always positive and showed enthusiasm for learning. She always took the time to engage in reflection and discuss teaching practices with her colleagues. Julie willingly helped out with school events, including an anti-bullying assembly. In the context in which I have had the pleasure of working with Julie, she has demonstrated her thoughtfulness, leadership skills, collaborative abilities, and a genuine compassion for children with various learning styles and abilities. I recommend Julie Dam to you without reservation.

Mrs. Pamela Shaefer
Grade 7/8 Teacher, White Woods Public School

Letter of Support: Participation (e-Learning & e-Research Pilot Project)

To Whom lt May Concern:

Please be advised that Julie was selected to participate in an optional pilot project related to e-Learning and e-Research. This optional series of seminars and meetings was offered outside of regular class time.

During this exploratory set of discussions, Julie was exposed to some of the higher-level thinking and pedagogy about issues and research pertaining to online learning in 21st century classrooms. Julie was also offered the opportunity to connect with a local educator who was determined to be exemplary in their classroom practices related to the e-Learning Ontario initiative. The purpose of this project was to heighten awareness and curiosity about a very important aspect of teaching and learning that is quickly emerging.

Dr. Rob Graham
Assistant Professor- Schulich School of Education TETL (technology-enhanced teaching and learning)