Teaching Resources

This page is in progress. Please see the sample resources below:
Intermediate/Senior Science: Digital lessons

Learning Bird Inc lessons (screencast, voiced videos): In my time working for Learning Bird Inc., I developed video lessons based on the Ontario science curriculum, geared towards Grade 10-12 students. The videos were scripted, edited, and recorded by me. I used iMovie to edit the videos, Quicktime to record my voiceovers, and Notebook to create the slides. The video lessons comprised of three main components: a clear objective, curriculum content, assessment of learning. Please view a few examples of my work below:

  • The hierarchal organization of life (x)
  • The process of homeostasis (x)
  • The characteristics of living things (x)
Curriculum Development Project

Unit Plan: Carnaval de Quebec
I worked on a team to create a full 1-month course as part of a Curriculum Development & Evaluation course (2015). In this PDF booklet, you will see that this project is divided into subsections: Introduction to the content, assessment of learning, resources and considerations, day-by-day lesson plans, and a reflection.

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Picture of Quebec City municipal government. Reflection of our learning
Conclusion of Project: Reflection

This project was a great opportunity for me to learn how to collaborate and connect with different individuals in order to combine our ideas into a solid concept. I used the project as an opportunity to develop typesetting and drafting skills. I published the work in iBooks Author, an e-book authoring tool for interactive, multimedia-driven documents.

More to come…